"The power of patients 3.0" Patients are changing the face of health care

Careum Congress, 17. /18. March 2014, Congress Center BASEL, Switzerland

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The 2014 Careum Congress is an event for all those working for a healthcare system, which places patients at its centre: patients, professionals, governments, civil society and business.

Join us for a highly participatory congress, which will explore five key innovations:

Co-producing health – co-designing care – promoting innovative practices for the healthcare sector to become patient-centred

Health citizenship – supporting citizens and those living with chronic conditions and special needs to participate in protecting and promoting their health, shaping their health systems and ensuring their rights

Health 3.0 – engaging citizens, patients, their families and health professionals in exploring the benefits of an open health information architecture and social media for health and healing

Patient empowerment – enabling individuals to take control of their own health, wellbeing and disease management and participate in decisions affecting their health and care

Living with chronic conditions, multi-morbidity, and rare diseases – addressing three of the most critical challenges, their implications for patients, health care, health literacy and research through improving quality of life and supporting self-management.

Through keynotes, symposia, panels, workshops and the use of social media the international congress will explore best practice examples and discuss the policies required to move an innovative agenda forward; the mind shift required of politicians, patients and professionals; the need to invest in health literacy of citizens and to ensure access and support to disadvantaged population groups; and the roles and responsibilities of the various health actors including health insurers, professional organizations and business.

The issues highlighted by the 2014 Careum Congress are illustrative of the commitment of the Careum Foundation to patient empowerment and education, which aims to promote patient skills in living with chronic conditions and their consequences as well as in navigating the system.

Careum is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to education in the healthcare sector for almost 130 years.

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